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Educational Consultant 


LMVH, Inc. Services provides Educational Consulting for Montessori programs and one on one tutoring for children of all ages during and/ or after school hours. Preparation for entrance exams for schools or colleges are also offered.  Montessori Mommy and Toddler Prep Program involves Montessori activities that generates the development of fine and gross motor skills and everyday life activities; which are the care of self, others and also the care of the environment. A team of dedicated and trained professionals have designed a well rounded academic program with every child's needs in mind. We enforce a team approach.  



  • Online academic coaching & tutoring 

  • One on one tutoring services  

  • Montessori Mommy and Toddler Prep Program

  • Entrance exam test preparation 

  • Educators EarlyChildhood Workshops

Tutoring Services

One on one tutoring for children of all ages.  Test Prep for SSAT, ISEE, PSAT, SAT and ACT

Montessori Program

The Montessori Mommy and Toddler Prep Program is offering foundational, transformative, and empowering work skills where parents and/or caregivers will be given the tools to create the environment at home.

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